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Press Any Key to Destroy the Earth

Sprecher: Greg Young
Spieldauer: 20 Min.

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Disaster movie 2012 meets Moon in this thrilling story full of scientific advancements.

The Destroyer of Earth did not set out to be one. A perfect storm of catastrophes, a touch of hubris, and a lot of human ingenuity, and you get yourself deeper than ever. The button has been pressed, the world is in ruins. Will humanity figure out how to survive?

What is Antigravel? What did you think was the road-stop for man to explore the empty reaches of space? Faster than light travel? Interstellar navigation? Time dilation?

Puh. We beat all that by sheer force of will. No. It was micrometeoroids. Rocks. F--king space rocks.

©2017 George Saoulidis (P)2017 George Saoulidis

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