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    Praying with Chopin is an audio recording of selected powerful prayers from the Bible, great saints, sacred texts and prophets who used these prayers for hundreds of years to invoke and strengthen their faith and relationships with God. Each prayer is followed by piano music based on original compositions of Frederic Chopin. Prayers include 'The Thought of You', 'Breathing Deeply in Faith', 'Prayer of Creation', 'Jesus's Prayer', 'Make Us Worthy', 'David's Prayer', 'Deep Compassion', 'A Prayer of St Thomas More', 'The Little and the Great Things', 'A Prayer of William Penn', 'To Give and Not to Count the Cost', 'Day by Day' and 'I Offer It to You'. Authors include Soren Kierkegaard, St Francis of Assisi, Pope Paul VI, Eugene Bersier, Blaise Pascal, William Penn, St Ignatius Loyola, St Richard of Chichester and Charles de Foucauld. Chopin compositions include a selection of his nocturnal piano work performed by Anton Kingsbury.

    ©2016 The Big Nest (P)2016 The Big Nest

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