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Potty Training Your Child

Guiding Your Little One Towards Toilet Training Success
Sprecher: Claton Butcher
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 2 Min.

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This is one of those milestones that accompany first steps, first words and first tooth. By listening to this book and assisting your child to reaching this milestone, you are paving their way towards success. Sometimes a child's inability to be potty-trained keeps them from entering preschools and daycares and enduring overall moments of embarrassment. One of the greatest concerns of parents is often determining when the correct time is to begin potty training. Some parents are quick to fire the "ready" whistle due to their own wishes. They do not want to purchase and deal with the hassle of diapers so they coerce their child to become potty trained prior to that child's personal readiness.

From when to begin, how to prepare, boys versus girls, what potty chair to purchase or should I purchase a potty chair to hygiene, travel, regression and bed wetting, this book is aimed at giving you the necessary tools for independence and success. Because each child is unique and your experience may be different from child to child, you will want to enter with arsenal of knowledge. That day of victory when a child simply "clicks" with their bodily functions can be a banner milestone for your child...and you!

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