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    A quiet life as a clock tinker. That’s what I need. And that’s what I have...until her - the woman in the pop-up shop across the street. The shop that’s invaded my tranquil life and turned my town into a movie set.

    I want nothing to do with any of it. But then, I hear her voice. And I can’t think about cogs and tick-tocks. All I can think about is her.

    And when I find her? I’m never letting her go.


    A pop-up shop is the perfect idea to publicize our Kitty Cat Valentine premiere. I may not be the star of the movie, but I can certainly be the MVP of the shop.

    But when my friend tells the long line of people that I’m giving away a kiss to one lucky shopper, I don’t know if I can do it. Until he walks in. Sam. The stoic man who’s built like a freight train and kisses like he means it. 

    I want to be his valentine, but when his dangerous past finds him, will we be able to give love a chance?

    ©2020 Mink (P)2020 Mink

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