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    Poetry to heal, inspire, and enjoy.

    Poetry Rx presents 50 great poems as seen through the eyes of a renowned psychiatrist and New York Times best seller. In this book, you will find insights into love, sorrow, ecstasy, and everything in between: love in the moment or for a lifetime; love that is fulfilling or addictive; when to break up; and how to survive when someone breaks up with you.

    Separate sections deal with responses to the natural world and the varieties of human experience (such as hope, reconciliation, leaving home, faith, self-actualization, trauma, anger, and the thrill of discovery). Other sections involve finding your way in the world and the search for meaning, as well as the final stages of life.

    In describing this multitude of human experiences, using vignettes from his work and life, Rosenthal serves as a comforting guide to these poetic works of genius. Through his writing, the workings of the mind, as depicted by these gifted writers speak to us as intimately as our closest friends.

    ©2021 Norman E. Rosenthal (P)2021 Tantor

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