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    I hated to play her....

    But she left me no choice with her betrayal.

    Star-crossed lovers doesn't even begin to describe what happened 17 years ago, when I fell for the one girl I shouldn't have.

    The forbidden. Our Rival. My enemy.

    Piper Collins.

    She was perfect, despite her family name. Too good to be true...too bad she was a snitch.

    Planted to infiltrate our club. I guess ripping my heart out was just a bonus.

    And when the truth was discovered, her and her family were dealt with in the only way my father knew.

    I buried my feelings, knowing I'd never see her again.

    But as I try to set my daughter on a new path, I walk straight into my past, and find myself face to face with Piper.

    And when I did, it all came roaring back. The love, the hate.

    She played me, and it was time for my pay back.

    Because now, I have a game and she's the perfect pawn.

    Dear listener,

    Play You is the fourth and final book in the Rebel Ink series. Are you ready for one last journey with my dirty-talking, inked-up, British bad boys?

    ©2020 Tracy Lorraine (P)2021 Tracy Lorraine

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