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    As a busy professional you're tired, sore, stiff, and sometimes sick. Yet you're too darn busy to transform yourself into that buff, smiling, super-fit supermodel who taunts you from the television set. Or you "do everything right" but still get headaches or other nagging physical ailments that interfere with your overall happiness or your ability to perform at your peak.

    If you'd like to feel better and work more productively, this program is for you. You will *not* be told what to eat or not eat. You will *not* be told to exercise for 30 minutes three times a week. Instead, you'll learn how to develop your physical intelligence: The ability to listen to your body's subtle signals, and respond wisely.

    Physical intelligence improves your concentration and memory and reduces your risk of back pain, cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and depression. Join Mariah Burton Nelson, a busy author and speaker who knows how challenging it is to take care of one's own body. As a lifelong athlete, she's come up with several ways to ensure that you stay at the top of your game.

    You will learn:

  • Your Physical Intelligence Quotient (take a quick quiz)
  • Why people tend to ignore their bodies
  • The three keys to Physical Intelligence
  • The best way to ask your body what it needs
  • Four ways to structure physical intelligence into your day
  • Why "find an exercise you love" is the wrong approach
  • Why trying to lose weight because you hate how you look is the wrong approach
  • The relationship between physical intelligence and sensuality (finally, the "better in bed" part)
  • This is a live recording of an interview-format teleseminar focused on information that would be valuable for speakers, trainers, consultants, coaches, and other information entrepreneurs. It was recorded via telephone.
    (P)2005 SpeakerNet News

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