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    If you have not defaulted on your house loan, but are considering it, you should read this book. If you have defaulted, you may find solace in this ebook. If you are considering a 30 year mortgage, you need to read this book.

    On February 19, 2009, CNBC commentator Rick Santelli expressed his famous rant. This rant essentially expressed the feelings of those who pay their bills, pay their house notes, and stay out of debt. This book discusses Strategic Default, walking away from a mortgage note, in the light of this Tea Party understanding.

    With the formation of the Tea Party, admittedly because of the Santelli rant, a movement to return America to her roots of personal responsibility was born. Santelli had said that those who made a bet on the housing ponzi and lost should not be bailed out. Many took his rant to mean that the "losers" should man up and pay off their mortgages.

    This book does not make a case forwhether the mortgage "deadbeats" should be bailed out by the government. But there are other issues regarding the actions of those who can afford to pay their mortgages yet walk away from homes that are worth far less than the value of the mortgage. This book looks at what many call a business decision in the light of what is moral, even what is patriotic.

    A person who is concerned about his conscience, about doing the right thing, needs a discussion regarding the ethics of walkingaway. This book will help you to weigh your options from a moral point of view. Keep in mind that you should always contact an advisor or an attorney before defaulting. Tax laws can change and you should be careful in making this decision.

    ©2011 Gary Anderson (P)2013 Gary Anderson

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