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    Do you wonder what personal brand is? It is to leave a clear mark on others to collaborate and transcend. Many relate it to fame but it has more to do with practical intelligence: The ability to choose the best talent in the environment in which you are or to choose the best environment to transcend with the talent you have.

    All people have their own brand and generate a reputation with it. Is your brand helping you get where you want to be? Do you know the true benefits of personal branding? The articles in this section will help you reflect on your goals and develop yourself as follows:

    • To define your best talent for your environment and the best environment for your talent
    • To know how to develop a captivating message and effective networking
    • To become aware of how important collaboration is to achieve transcendence 

    1) Define your best talent and environment:

    Put yourself in the role of a detective and as the Sherlock Holmes of talent inquire about you and your surroundings until you find the answer to the critical questions of:

    • Which way to take?
    • Which of all the talents I possess should I highlight?
    • What allies do I have? Are they the ones I need?
    • What is my differential?
    • What motivates me to keep trying?

    Answering these questions is not that easy, it requires an introspection exercise and also an analysis of the environment. Also some distance to understand what is important and what is not, prioritize and focus. A consultant can help you in that process; enter the subject by diving into the content of Cracks Stories.

    2) Message and networking:

    Understanding how to build your personal brand requires strategy and also action. It is to work a message, communicate it and create networking with colleagues, competitors, internal and external clients, entities and audiences interested in the same vital objectives as you.

    3) Collaborate and transcend:

    Personal Branding does not talk about the self, but about us. Use yours to do something relevant with the talent you have, something that contributes to the community in which you live and thereby achieve the transcendence and professional achievement you aspire.

    ©2020 Jane Brook (P)2020 Jane Brook

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