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    Four short stories that include:

    "The Phantom Vigilante"

    Bob and his armed drone are out to exact vengeance on the thugs terrorizing the peace-loving park visitors. What is it they say? "What goes around comes around."

    "The Challenge"

    Two guys, out to freeload a ride and sip from the public trough, find out the hard way about what disabled people go through.

    "Tornado Alley"

    Some brain-dead woman claims she can divert the winds of a tornado and save her house. Let's see if she can or if she full of crap.

    "Payback Is a Bitch"

    These guys have had enough of those Internet a-holes who write and distribute viruses and they have enough clout to track them down and teach that whole element a lesson.

    ©2015 Bill Bernico (P)2016 Bill Bernico

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