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    These 12 exciting episodes take you to the San Francisco waterfront, following Pat Novak as he solves some shady crimes.

    Pat Novak, for Hire began in 1946 as a regional radio show produced at KGO in San Francisco and starred Jack Webb in the title role, with scripts by Webb's friend Richard L. Breen. When Webb moved to Los Angeles in 1947, Ben Morris replaced Webb as Novak. In a later network version, Jack Webb resumed the role along with Breen as scriptwriter. Pat Novak, for Hire lasted until 1949, when Jack Webb turned his attention to the series that would make him a star, Dragnet.

    The 12 episodes in this collection, with the actor in the role of Pat Novak and the date of its broadcast, are the following: "John Brown Gambling Ring" with Ben Morris (August 3, 1947), "The Mysterious Set of Books" with Ben Morris (August 10, 1947), "Death in Herald Square" with Ben Morris (November 30, 1947), "The Jack of Clubs" with Jack Webb (February 20, 1949), "Marcia Halpern" with Jack Webb (February 27, 1949), "Reuben Callaway's Pictures" with Jack Webb (March 13, 1949), "Rory Malone" with Jack Webb (March 20, 1949), "Joe Candano" with Jack Webb (March 27, 1949), "Shirt Mix-Up at the Laundry" with Jack Webb (April 9, 1949), "Sam Tolliver" with Jack Webb (April 23, 1949), "Rita Malloy" with Jack Webb (May 1, 1949), "Geranium Plant" with Jack Webb (May 15, 1949).

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