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    You might be well today, but you might go back to your old habit tomorrow. You might be successful in warding off your addiction for a week, but you may see yourself succumb to the same temptations over the next week.

    All these instances are but common, and many people do experience them. Keep in mind that...

    It takes more than just determination to solve addiction.

    The cycle of recovering, then going back to the old ways, can really be frustrating. Some people have given up all their hopes altogether, thinking that there s simply no cure for addiction.

    But this should never be the case. You can definitely set yourself free from the destructive chains of addiction.

    You will not be permanently cured of any addiction unless you address it from the roots, so you can be sure it won t come back ever again.

    Start your quest against addiction with the proper knowledge!

    Know your enemy, this is what the learned always say. This is true because only by knowing your enemy s weaknesses can you successfully plan an attack and emerge victorious. Only then can you totally proclaim total freedom from your addiction!

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