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  • Operation Thunderbolt

  • The Entebbe Raid - the Most Audacious Hostage Rescue Mission in History
  • Geschrieben von: Saul David
  • Gesprochen von: Peter Ganim
  • Spieldauer: 14 Std. und 49 Min.
  • Kategorien: Geschichte, Afrika

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    This is the true story of the greatest special forces operation of the 20th century and the first shot in the West's long war against international terrorism. It is a tale of human drama and unbearable tension in which courage, comradeship, fanaticism, incompetence and luck all play their parts.

    On 3 July 1976, Israeli Special Forces carried out a daring raid to free more than 100 Israeli, French and US hostages held by German and Palestinian terrorists at Entebbe Airport, Uganda. The legacy of this mission is still felt today in the way Western governments respond to terrorist blackmail.

    Codenamed Thunderbolt, the operation carried huge risks. The flight was a challenge: 2,000 miles with total radio silence over hostile territory to land in darkness at Entebbe Airport in Idi Amin's Uganda. On the ground, the Israeli commandos had just three minutes to carry out their mission. They had to evade a cordon of élite Ugandan paratroopers, storm the terminal and free more than 100 hostages.

    So much could have gone wrong: the death of the hostages if the terrorists got wind of the assault or the capture of Israel's finest soldiers if their Hercules planes could not take off. Both would have been a human and a PR catastrophe. Now, with the mission largely forgotten or even unknown to many, Saul David gives the first comprehensive account of Operation Thunderbolt using classified documents from archives in four countries and interviews with key participants, including Israeli soldiers and politicians, hostages, a member of the Kenyan government and a former terrorist.

    Both a thrilling listen and a major piece of historical detective work, Operation Thunderbolt shows how the outcome of Israel's most famous military operation depended on secret diplomacy, courage and luck - and was in the balance right up to the very last moment.

    ©2015 Saul David (P)2015 Hachette Audio


    "The definitive work on the subject.... This is the achievement of a masterly, first-rate historian." ( New York Times Book Review)
    "It's a brilliantly orchestrated book, wonderfully rich in detail, but at the same time roaring along at a heart-thumping pace...." ( Mail on Sunday)
    "A brilliant, breathless account that reads like the plot of an action movie." ( Sunday Telegraph)

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