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    A collection of poetry.

    Only I Hear.

    Only I hear the air kisses and giggles I missed

    When I was too busy marking off my checklist

    Only I hear the words he might have said

    As my father fought for life on his death bed

    Only I hear time laughing as it slips away

    Adding wrinkles and gray hair into the fray

    Only I hear my sorrows as they gather around

    Their cries and moans create the saddest sound

    Only I hear the moments I threw away like trash

    Because I didn't understand or was too rash

    Only I hear the things I wished I could redo

    I would cherish the time I hurried through

    I would stop and listen to my babies coos and cries

    I would linger over conversations, hugs and sighs

    I would stop and smell the flowers and fresh air

    I would accept my failings and loose every care

    So the next time I think I'm the only one who hears

    I won't be ashamed to expose my heart or show my tears

    ©2016 Regina Dee Puckett (P)2017 Regina Dee Puckett

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