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    Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) is best known for her major role in the development of Theosophy, a syncretic religious philosophy the principles of which underlie the New Age philosophy of today.       

    The original version of Nightmare Tales consisted of the last five stories in this recording and was published in 1892, shortly after the author's death. An expanded edition incorporating four earlier stories was published in 1907.      

    Table of Contents

    1. Can the Double Murder? - (c. 1876-77)
    2. An Unsolved Mystery - (c. 1876-77)
    3. Karmic Visions - (June 1888)
    4. The Legend of the Blue Lotus - (April 1890)
    5. A Bewitched Life - (c. 1890-91)
    6. The Luminous Shield - (c. 1890-91)
    7. The Cave of the Echoes - (c. 1890-91)
    8. From the Polar Lands - (c. 1890-91)
    9. The Ensouled Violin - (c. 1890-91)

    Public Domain (P)2019 Voices of Today

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