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    Bloodcurdling horror for brave young listeners!

    When Sam's parents buy him an antique piano for his birthday, he's sure of one thing: He won't be getting rid of his abusive music teacher anytime soon.

    Lucky for Sam, his new piano is no ordinary instrument.

    More than 100 years old, the baby grand has secrets to share, including one just for Sam, one that will ensure the boy never has to see his mean old teacher again....

    Nightcrawler Tales is a groundbreaking series from fan-favorite children's author Eric Hobbs.

    Inspired by classics like the The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, and Tales from the Crypt, each tale contains a chilling story that can be consumed in just a few sittings, perfect for that magic hour between sunset and bedtime, just before our nightmares begin....

    ©2017 Eric Hobbs (P)2018 Eric Hobbs

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