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    They killed his sister. Now he'll kill them all.

    Michael Bale is an elite close protection officer. That's why the Met police has given him the toughest job of all: guarding the Minister of Defence at a moment when Chinese-British relations have hit a deadly boiling point. And when Michael's life isn't on the line for his work, he's taking his chances waging war on a powerful London gang family. Their dealer supplied a lethal ecstasy pill to his sister, and Michael is determined to take them down, one at a time. But will he get away with it - or will his colleagues in the force realise that the man on an underworld killing spree is one of their own?

    ©2021 Anthony Riches (P)2021 W F Howes


    "Mickey Bale is a Jack Reacher for a harder, faster, more-assured millennium. Nemesis is the kind of book for which the word 'compelling' was coined." (Manda Scott)

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