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Necessary Sacrifices

Alastair Stone Chronicles, Book 12
Autor: R. L. King
Sprecher: Will M. Watt
Spieldauer: 12 Std. und 10 Min.
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Sins of the past

Alastair Stone has barely begun to recover from the death of a friend when he’s rocked by yet another - this time someone who was closer to him than his own father. It looks like natural causes, but a grief-stricken Stone isn’t convinced.

As England’s magical community comes together to mourn the shocking loss, Verity meets a group of powerful female practitioners who offer to teach her potent new magical skills - a group whose leader seems strangely familiar. And meanwhile, Stone’s shocks have only begun as new revelations come to light - revelations that point at horrific acts from his past, cast chilling new suspicions upon the accident that killed his father, and prove that everything he thought he knew about his dead mother was wrong.

As Stone uncovers more terrifying secrets from the earliest years of his life, the darkness in his past at last catches up with him. To save those he loves and prevent some old enemies from committing a monstrous act, he’ll have no choice but to make sacrifices of his own.

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©2017 R. L. King (P)2018 R. L. King

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