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Music Theory for Guitarists

The Complete Guide for Beginners to Advanced
Autor: Anthony Rubin
Sprecher: Sean Rhead
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 44 Min.

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Dear guitarists! Get a hang on music theory with this all-in-one, pain-less guide…equally great for beginners and advanced users.

Why guitarists should learn music theory?

Imagine having a song stuck in your head…that you want to compose…but you can’t, because you don’t know what to put on paper....

We understand that when it comes to following rules, guitarists are the first ones to rebel.... They think learning music theory will stifle their creativity. However, it is further from the truth. 

Understanding the vocabulary of music will help you articulate your musical ideas, improve your improvisation skills, and even land you high paying gigs. 

What makes this book different? 

This book is divided into three easy-to-digest sections, teaching you the basics and then moving onto advanced lessons. 

This is why it’s equally effective for both beginners and advanced guitarists.

It will teach you how to practically implement music theory on your guitar strings.

Based on the knowledge of multi-year span, it will make sure you get plenty of tried and tested wisdom

So grab your fretboard, understand how your guitar works, and start creating some awesome music

A quick sneak peak of what you will learn inside:

  • Why guitarists should learn music theory
  • Getting the basics right
  • How to manage music theory
  • Mastering sheet music
  • Learning the sound of intervals 
  • Maintaining the harmony
  • Conquering the scales
  • Sharps, flats, major and chromatic scales
  • Concept of root note
  • Steps to discover notes
  • Major scales on guitar
  • Speed advancement
  • Melodic scale patterns
  • String skipping
  • Instructions on improvisation
  • Get the hang on chords.
  • Number one skill you need to master guitar
  • The most effective method to create chord progression for a song
  • Smoothly changing keys 
  • And much more....

Who should listen to this book?

  • Underground bands and garage jammers, so they can play more by the ears
  • Guitar buddies, so that they can brainstorm ideas together and have a common reference point 
  • Beginners, who are picking up the guitar for the first time, to have a solid foundation
  • Intermediate guitarists having a year or two practice, so they can up their game
  • And advanced guitarists who want to get to the next level 

Snatch your copy today and become the guitarist you always dreamed of!

©2020 Anthony Rubin (P)2020 Anthony Rubin

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