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    A number-one best seller in women's detective fiction!

    Homeless, mistreated, and tired of making up the difference for her alcoholic mother, a 15-year-old girl from the foothills of North Carolina leaves home with no destination in mind - she just wants to get away from the crushing burden of abuse and unwanted responsibility.

    Thanks to the kindness of a stranger, she finds herself in Nashville, Tennessee, with a place to live and a job at a local café. She develops a sense of belonging at the café, and her coworkers and customers become her family. One of the regulars at the café is fascinated by this young girl, never suspecting that one day she will change his life completely - both as a music mogul and as a man.

    Twenty-five years later, two detectives arrive in Nashville for much the same reason - to escape a repressive past and begin a new future. When they open their doors for business, to their surprise, one of their first customers is the reigning "queen of Nashville" - one of Nashville's longstanding megastars, who places her past in their hands and trusts them to keep her secrets. Will they be able to solve the mysteries of her life? Will they be able to protect her good name and reputation in the process?

    ©2010 Leona Bryant (P)2015 Leona Bryant

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