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    What makes someone kill not only innocent people but sometimes the very people who loved and trusted them?

    What imagined wrongs could drive a deluded individual to seek revenge by taking another person’s life?

    What lengths will people go to to get what they want?

    Murderous Minds Volume 2: Stories of Real Life Murderers That Escaped the Headlines is the latest offering in a series that takes you inside the life of killers who committed cold-blooded murder, for a glimpse at events that drove them to kill. Each tale is sordid, twisted, and worthy of newspaper headlines.

    Among the killers in this book, you will hear about:

    • Christine Paolilla, a teen who turned a gun on the very friends who had rescued her from being bullied and tormented daily
    • Ronald Gene Simmons, who slaughtered 16 family members, including his daughter and the child they conceived together
    • Susan Hendricks, who murdered her family, then attempted to frame one of the sons she had brutally shot to death

    By weaving a tale in which dark fantasies turned reality, this book invites you to see life from a perspective few ever witness - that of the killer. Paired with an in-depth account of each case, it will be a nightmarish journey to the darkest reaches of the minds of these real-life murderers!

    Get your copy today and explore the shocking realities that came from their Murderous Minds!

    ©2018 Sea Vision Publishing (P)2018 Sea Vision Publishing

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