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Mr. Pappas

Autor: A. J. Alan
Sprecher: Cathy Dobson
Spieldauer: 26 Min.

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A. J. Alan was the pseudonym of Leslie Harrison Lambert (1883-1941), an English magician, intelligence officer, short story writer, and radio broadcaster. He was hugely popular in the '20s and '30s for his radio broadcasts, when he performed his own humorous and often macabre short stories, which he always delivered wearing full evening dress.

Mr. Pappas tells the story of a young female artist who has agreed to let out her studio one evening a week to a mysterious foreigner, Mr. Pappas. She is now anxious about what her sinister tenant might be getting up to in her studio...and A. J. Alan offers to hide in the place and spy on them one night. When he does so, he uncovers astounding and terrible goings on....

Public Domain (P)2017 Red Door Audiobooks

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