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Mountaintop Doom

The Bluesman, Book 7
Autor: Stuart Jaffe
Sprecher: Stuart Jaffe
Serie: The Bluesman, Titel 7
Spieldauer: 41 Min.

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The Bluesman - musician, magician, lethal killer. Thrown to Earth from a parallel universe, the Bluesman seeks to save our world from being overrun by the horrid, mutated creatures that came with him. Armed with magic, skill, and his companion, Scotch, he faces these monsters hoping to create a peaceful world for all.

In Mountaintop Doom, Fuller and Scotch track the evil magician Lana to Pilot Mountain in North Carolina. She has begun a powerful and unstable spell and has used a local man as her pawn. It's up to Fuller and Scotch to stop her and save the man or risk letting a madwoman unleash her magic upon our world. I'm guessing Fuller and Scotch wouldn't like that.

©2013 Stuart Jaffe (P)2018 Stuart Jaffe

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