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    My sophomore year changed everything. I dropped 40 pounds after a stint in fat camp. Prior to losing weight, most of my time was spent comparing myself to my twin sister and trying to hide my cankles. But losing weight made all things seem possible.

    Now I'm popular, vying for the hottest guy in school and competing for a prom queen nomination. Finally, I'm getting noticed, and it's all because I dropped the pounds.

    Everything I ever wanted is right at my fingertips.

    If only I could lose more weight, I'd be perfect.

    But my friend Jake tells me I want all the wrong things. He thinks I'm already perfect.

    Sometimes, you can't see what's right in front of you. Like, how I'm spiraling in a deadly game of self-acceptance. Or how, despite being my best friend's brother, Jake has always been the one to catch me when I fall.

    Can he catch me again? Or, am I too far gone?

    If you like emotional YA, you'll fall in love with Souders' heart-wrenching novel. Like Jay Asher's Thirteen Reasons Why and Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall, More than a Number raises thought-provoking questions about love and acceptance, as well as the cost of beauty. Previously titled Something of Substance.

    Trigger warning: This book takes a very real look at eating disorders.

    ©2018 Theresa Souders (P)2020 Theresa Souders

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