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Mike Yates: The Killing Stone

Sprecher: Richard Franklin
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 6 Min.

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In a Meditation Centre deep in the Chiltern Hills, Mike Yates is in a contemplative mood. His years of faithful service to the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce have come to an abrupt end, and he is having to take his leave of the people he has come to think of as Family. When the Brigadier suggests that his former Captain take a holiday in Morocco, Mike finds himself embroiled in an exciting battle with an old enemy that could mean the end for UNIT, the Doctor and the World.

Notes: Read by Richard Franklin, The Killing Stone is set after Mike Yates leaves UNIT.

Time-Placement: the first part of the story, up to Mike's gallstone operation, takes place after the main events of Planet of the Spiders, in the three-week period on Earth in which the Third Doctor was returning from Metebelis 3. The climax presumably occurs before the Fourth Doctor leaves Earth with Sarah and Harry in the final scene of Robot; however, it's implied that the Doctor must return from deep space in order to deal with the problem, which suggests that this may occur later in his travels, at least for him.

Includes an interview with Richard Franklin.

©2002 Paul Ebbs (P)2002 BBV


"In the end, I recommend wholeheartedly this little gem of character redemption and triumph for the returned Captain Mike Yates from his real-world counterpart, if only to hear what will probably be the closest thing to a fourth Doctor / Delgado Master / UNIT television adventure that we ever get. Still, since The Killing Stone is arguably the first Companion Chronicle, and with the reality of Tom Baker’s Doctor possibly imminent debut with Big Finish, one can hope that Franklin might ask to adapt his adventure for the Companion Chronicle or even the main range soon. Imagine this: Tom Baker, Nicholas Courtney, Richard Franklin, and Elisabeth Sladen could all easily be on board; and with only John Levene needing a trans-Atlantic coax and one of the regulars supplying an impression of the late Roger Delgado (for this is one Master story where Geoffrey Beevers’ version of the villain just wouldn’t work, unless he’s the one telling the story in flashback to his previous incarnation…) then we would have a precious gem of a tale, giving a fond hurrah to a beloved era of Doctor Who that is fast retreating into the legend of memory." (Richard Radcliffe)


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