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    A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes, including:

    'Men at Work' by Elizabeth Cage: Matt's a workaholic. It's driving Emma crazy, but she's sure that their new loft room will mean they see more of each other. She has two young builders working overtime to get the work done. The night they finish, Emma is ready to celebrate with high heels and a f**k-me dress....

    'Persuasion' by Everica May: Professor West's classes have always provided the most stimulating thoughts. Miss Rifkin has spent plenty of time fantasizing about her shaven-headed tutor. At last she makes an appointment to discuss her grades - surely there's a way she can win extra credit?

    'Driftwood 'by D J Kirby: Heidi loves her life. Single, solvent, and happy with solitude, on a Friday night there's nothing she loves more than a walk on the beach. In the warm evening sea breeze there's plenty of scope for people watching - and some of those people are enjoying each other al fresco....

    'The Eye' by Primula Bond: It's hard to be alone in London. Even when she gets up at the crack of dawn to take photos of the view from the Eye, there turns out to be another passenger in the pod with her. Lucky he's handsome....

    'Life of a Salesman' by Landon Dixon: He's always admired Jennifer's bountiful breasts. On the last night of the sales convention, he decides to take charge and insists that Jennifer joins him for dinner....

    ©2011 Accent Press (P)2011 Summersdale Publishers Ltd

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