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    Everybody knows that Allie and her friends run the school. Their beauty is matched only by their cruelty. Unfortunately, Eric just can't help pissing them off. As they march the 18-year-old senior towards the girl's bathroom, he knows he is walking towards emasculating humiliation. He has no idea just how truly epic their revenge will be. Craig Watkins is a young teacher who has earned a reputation as the toughest teacher in the building, but is he in over his head when he gets in the girls' way?

    Narrated by Marami Hung, this audiobook describes one afternoon's humiliation for two guys at the hands of a group of devious and capable high school seniors. There is no sex, but plenty of humiliation, bondage, female domination, feminization, and blackmail.

    ©2015 Kylie Gable (P)2016 Kylie Gable

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