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Mastering Bitcoin for Beginners

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The only guide for bitcoin enthusiasts, bitcoin investors, bitcoin traders, bitcoin miners, and bitcoin merchants

Have you been hearing offline and reading a lot on the internet about bitcoin and want to use it to your advantage? Mastering bitcoin for Beginners is your guide through the seemingly complex world of bitcoin. James wants to provide you with adequate knowledge regardless of whether you're a bitcoin enthusiast trying to learn more on bitcoin, a bitcoin investor purchasing bitcoin for investment, a bitcoin miner who mines bitcoin for living, or maybe even a bitcoin merchant starting to embrace the acceptance of bitcoin in your business field. This book will just provide you all the essential details to get you started. Now, what if you had a mentor to teach you every detail to get into bitcoin and its different fields? That's exactly what James had created. By skipping the too-technical stuff, James wants you to learn bitcoin and its fundamentals without feeling overwhelmed. This book includes:

  • An essential basic introduction to bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology
  • The history of bitcoin's birth from cryptography
  • The reason why you should invest in bitcoin
  • An in-depth explanation of where you can buy bitcoin from a bitcoin exchange, store it in different bitcoin wallet types, and a how-to for trading your bitcoin
  • Optimizing your bitcoin mining profit with the correct calculation and recommended hardware
  • An instructional guide to setting up, from bitcoin mining hardware to mining your very first bitcoin
  • A solution and instructional guide for bitcoin merchants who want to adapt to bitcoin payments
  • The future usage of bitcoin and its advantages
  • And more....

This book is your only guide to attain the necessary knowledge to kick start your bitcoin journey. Join in the technological revolution that's been taking the world by storm since 2008!

©2017 James J Foskey (P)2017 James J Foskey


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