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    "No matter! Her blood is white!" Red Jacket seethed. He went to the fire and tried to kick the dirt to douse it, a signal that the council was over. Jones grabbed him and pulled him back. "But the blood she has shed in bearing her children is Seneca. The blood of her husband when wounded in battle is Seneca. This deed is not given by the Seneca. It is the white nation who owns rights to this land now. They are giving back to a Seneca by giving it to Mrs. Jemison. For this, Red Jacket, you should be glad. As a Seneca, a great chief who will long be remembered for your words, you should be pleased that one of your people will retain rights to this land. She will stay with her people, the Seneca. Her houses will remain standing. Her fields will continue to bear corn."

    ©2011,1012 Rayna Gangi (P)2013 Rayna Gangi

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