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    Meet Doctor Jens.

    She hasn't had a decent cup of coffee in 15 years. 

    The first part of her job involves jumping out of perfectly good spaceships. The second part requires developing emergency treatments for sick aliens of species she's never seen before. 

    She loves it.

    But her latest emergency is also proving a mystery: two ships, one ancient and one new, locked in a dangerous embrace. 

    A mysterious crew suffering from an even more mysterious ailment. 

    A shipmind trapped in an inadequate body, much of her memory pared away. 

    A murderous virus from out of time.

    Unfortunately, Dr. Jens can't resist a mystery. Which is why she's about to discover that everything she's dedicated her life a lie.

    ©2020 Elizabeth Bear (P)2020 Orion Publishing Group

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