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MIT Technology Review, December 2016 (English)

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In this issue:

"How Bad Will Trump Be for Climate Policy?" by David Victor.

"Trump's Impact on Clean-Energy Businesses" by Peter Fairley.

"Amazon's Next Big Move: Take Over the Mall" by Nicholas Carr.

"Mark Zuckerberg Is Funding a Facebook for Human Cells" by Antonio Regalado.

"Web Pioneer Tries to Incubate a Second Digital Revolution" by Tom Simonite.

"The Decline in Chinese Cyberattacks: The Story Behind the Numbers" by Mara Hvistendahl.

"On Patrol with America's Top Bioterror Cop" by Antonio Regalado.

"Companies Bet on Designer Bacteria as New Way to Treat Disease" by Antonio Regalado.

"Why We Still Don’t Have Birth Control Drugs for Men" by Emily Mullin.

"The Science Behind Your Volumizing Shampoo" by Elizabeth Woyke.

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