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    Would you forgive her? She ripped a hole in my heart while I was reeling from an unfathomable family tragedy. They say time heals all wounds. I’m about to find out if that’s true.


    I used to pull her bright red pig tales when we were kids.

    Then she grew up, seemingly overnight, her body filling curvy, hypnotic hips and full, bountiful breasts.

    Her plump, sweet lips cherished me for hours in the back of my Chevy Camaro, lost to each other's blossoming bodies. But now, grief and misery weigh heavy on my aching heart. She cheated on me while I was at sea.

    That breakup call was the second-worst night of my life.

    And life offers no guarantees, as I've harshly learned. Yet hard as I try, I can't deny the continual thumping in my heart for her.

    I'm nowhere near capable of maintaining a friendly distance, not when every cell in my body aches to rekindle our passionate love affair. Especially now that I know her blessed secret.

    Despite the circumstantial evidence, I'm not ready to permanently shut the door between my high school sweetheart and me.

    Hunter is, and always will be, my first and only love.


    Sleep's been impossible the last three nights, my swollen, restless body sensing his imminent arrival.

    I inhale deeply, biting back guilty tears, wanting to get my disgraceful admission behind me. Luke's tugging my heartstrings as he exits the cab, immense sorrow in his deep brown eyes.

    My tender heart aches for him, wanting to comfort him as he sets foot in the empty house.

    Our intense lust for each other is still unyielding. I feel him in my bones.

    Possibility is ripe to rekindle our torrid love affair.

    Until he sees me, sees the evidence of my betrayal.

    I slump against the closed, locked door, my palpitating chest praying for a second chance.

    I don’t deserve one.

    But I can’t live without him.

    My traitorous heart will never love another man.


    Luke is a sweet second-chance secret-baby romance.

    ©2020, 2021 Janet Marie Luzius (P)2021 Janet Marie Luzius

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