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Losing Weight After 30

The Makeover You Deserve (In Your 30s)
Autor: Roxana Scurtu
Sprecher: Lillie Ricciardi
Spieldauer: 58 Min.

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Are you a busy woman in your 30s and trying to lose weight? Are you done trying magic diets and pixie dust? If so, this is the audiobook for you. I have read many diet books that involve a lot of cooking and magic formulas to lose some weight. I was disappointed, so I decided to write my own about what dieting long-term looks like, so we can always look good, not just sometimes.

This audiobook will teach you:  

  • How to adopt a more active lifestyle by making small changes
  • Great options of diets that are easy to follow
  • Pros and cons for each diet
  • A great motivational chapter
©2017 Roxana Scurtu (P)2018 Roxana Scurtu

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