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    Have you struggled trying to understand how the bible, but more importantly the great God-given wisdom contained in it, can help you and your children live a better life?

    Easily understand the sayings of the wise from the book of Proverbs and reap the benefits such as

    • Implementing important core values in a world that seems determined to destroy them
    • Teach yourself, and your children, the God-inspired wisdom He wants you to know
    • Go through Proverbs commentary at any time and gain a greater understanding of what it truly means
    • Get a complete breakdown of what each verse means and how to implement it into your life starting today

    This step by step book of Proverbs study guide will give you all of the tools you need to begin a closer walk with our Lord!

    ©2014 James Boulay (P)2016 James Boulay

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