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    Beschreibung von Audible

    Hallo! Wie Gehts? If you can't understand phrases like that then this audiobook is perfect for you. In these custom-tailored audio mini-lessons native German speaker Barbara Stolt leads listeners through a number of well-planned language lessons. Stolt's Northern German accent is clear and accessible to even the newest German speaker. Both fun and informative, "Learn Basic German" is a great tool for beginners and advanced speakers hoping for a quick refresher course before taking a European trip.


    The ultimate learning tool for beginners! Each phrase and every syllable is repeated several times. Develop a refined and elegant North German inflection with our speaker from Hamburg. Each section is 1-4 minutes long making the material easy to ingest and navigate. Construct a personal playlist in your media player listening to the phrases you need work on. Basic sounds of German are explored and reinforced to provide a solid foundation.
    Public Domain (P)2008 Trout Lake Media

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