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    In a frigid New Hampshire winter, Jay Porter is trying to eke out a living and maintain some semblance of a relationship with his former girlfriend and their two-year-old son. When he receives an urgent call that Chris, his drug-addicted brother, is being questioned by the sheriff about his missing junkie business partner, Jay feels obliged to come to his rescue. After Jay negotiates his brother's release from the county jail, Chris disappears into the night. As Jay begins to search for him, he is plunged into a cauldron of ugly lies and long-kept secrets that could tear apart his small hometown and threaten the lives of Jay and all those he holds dear. Powerful forces come into play that will stop at nothing until Chris is dead and the information he harbors is destroyed.

    ©2014 Joe Clifford (P)2015 Cherry Hill Publishing, LLC


    " Lamentation is one of those 'can't put it down' page turners of a read and documents author Joe Clifford as a gifted storyteller of imagination and technical expertise. Lamentation is a deftly written entertainment from first page to last and highly recommended for both personal reading lists and community library Contemporary Fiction collections." ( Midwest Book Review)
    "At first, I confess this was not very exciting. I had little or no interest in our first-person protagonist and the basic situation seemed rather obvious. Except it winds up into a very unexpected climax of considerable emotional power. So what was initially, and even in retrospect, a pretty simple, by-the-numbers plot with a resolution we've seen before, turns out to be a genuine success. Despite all my forebodings, this simple little thing proved to be a real big hitter." ( San Francisco Book Review)
    "Clifford (Junkie Love) understands human potential for moral collapse and redemption, and his lean, gritty prose never lets characters or readers off the hook." ( Publishers Weekly)

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