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The story of Emma and Carl Jung's highly unconventional marriage, their relationship with Freud and their part in the early years of psychoanalysis.

Emma Jung was clever, ambitious and immensely wealthy, one of the richest heiresses in Switzerland when, aged 17, she met and fell in love with Carl Jung, a handsome, penniless medical student. Determined to share his adventurous life and to continue her own studies, she was too young to understand Carl's complex personality or conceive the dramas that lay ahead.

Labyrinths tells the story of the Jungs' unconventional marriage and their friendship and, following publication of Jung's The Psychology of the Unconscious, subsequent rift with Freud. It traces Jung's development of word association, notions of the archetype, the collective unconscious, the concepts of extraversion and introversion and the role played by both Carl and Emma in the early development of the scandalous new psychoanalysis movement.

In its many twists and turns, the Jung marriage was indeed labyrinthine, and Emma was forced to fight with everything she had to come to terms with Carl's brilliant, complex character and to keep her husband close to her. His belief in polygamy led to many extramarital affairs, including a ménage a trois with a former patient, Toni Wolff, that lasted some 30 years. But the marriage endured, and Emma realised her ambition to become a noted analyst in her own right.

©2016 Catrine Clay (P)2016 HarperCollins Publishers


Praise for Trautman's Journey:
"Brilliant." (Observer)
"A minor masterpiece." (Independent)
"A truly remarkable story uncovered with immense skill." (Daily Telegraph)
"Fascinating." (Mail on Sunday)
"Sober, detailed, well-told account." (Guardian)

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