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    Fans of classic Hollywood, take heed: In Jimmy Stewart: The Truth Behind the Legend, Michael Munn has engineered a fascinating glimpse into the hitherto clouded public and private lives of one of the most famous figures in film history.

    Performed with great energy by actor Mark Whitten, this comprehensive biography provides keen insights into the man behind the mask, emphasizing the differences and similarities between Stewart’s assumed public persona and his private self, delving deeply into his patriotism and FBI service alongside his relationships and rage issues.


    In this definitive biography of one of Hollywood's most beloved stars, Michael Munn reveals the truth behind the diffident, earnest and kindly persona of Jimmy Stewart. Drawn from the author's formal interviews and informal meetings with the star and his friendship with Stewart's wife, Gloria, is this portrait of a man who came from the Presbyterian traditions of Pennsylvania to become one of the silver screen's enduring legends.

    An openly right-wing Conservative and super-patriot, Stewart worked for the FBI at the behest of J. Edgar Hoover, directing his undercover sleuthing to crack organised crime in Hollywood. But he was unscrupulously manipulated by the president into flushing out Communists from the film industry. Among these revelations, there are also tales of heady love affairs, hookers and hoodlums, and of Stewart's run-in with the most dangerous of all gangsters, Benjamin 'Bugsy' Sigal. Accusations of racism are explored, as is Stewart's notoriously volatile temper. There is a comprehensive account of his experiences as a colonel in the US Air Force in World War Two - and, of course, there are the films: It's a Wonderful Life, The Greatest Show on Earth, Rear Window, the westerns and his Academy Awards.

    ©2013 Michael Munn (P)2013 Audible, Inc.

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