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    Jesus: Then, Now, Ever. This audiobook fails. How could it not? The author is human; the subject beyond human kind. Still, the challenge compels. Tell the tales, teller, the many tales that still for all can teach. Jesus as a child; his mother guiding his early inquisitive steps then, as a dutiful son, miracles reluctantly began.

    Jesus, years, miles, and lives removed, hitchhiking rides from farmers, visiting querulous college students unclear yet whom to trust, commiserating with a mother-who-wasn't-but-still-believes-she-is, Jesus being challenged and mocked on worldwide TV by Satan himself. Satan telling how he trained a deer to fire a rifle that when he came upon the Christian Hunters in the woods one day-he knew how to shoot them before they got him. Jesus thrown out of a church for not dressing right, bringing together a wounded GI and the enemy soldier who had just tried to kill him, attending a world-changing church conference without recognition, working and proselytizing in an American car wash, joining rescuers in the throes of great natural disaster near where he had preached and saved souls centuries before. Jesus visiting John on the isle of Patmos to discuss the heresies of TV in centuries to be, rehabbing an artist who through all his agonies never ceased believing in God, noting one sentence that spoken by man or woman is never true, teaching us all how not to pray, offering a college religion class the right to ask him any one question and he would honestly answer. And they did and he did and we learn it all. So many lessons to teach and lives to mold. The mission of God's son never seeming to end. Certainly not to be captured in a human-wrought book.

    ©2019 Jack Perkins, Christian Faith Publishing, Inc. (P)2020 The Mathewson Foundation, Eddie Frierson and DWAR38 Productions

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