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    Like a blazing shooting star, Jenni Rivera lit up the lives of millions of people, yet the sky swept her away before her time

    Jenni Rivera: The Incredible Life of a Warrior Butterfly

    • The complete discography of Jenni Rivera
    • Billboard lists of sales rankings of Jenni's songs
    • Exclusive interviews
    • A complete, entertaining, and objective biography
    • Written by one of the country’s leading experts in Latin music 

    Jenni Rivera was the top-selling artist within the Regional Mexican music genre. With a weekly radio show, her own reality show, a makeup and clothing line, and her own foundation, she was at the height of her career and life. Everything she had conquered, with blood, sweat, tears, and smiles, happened, as she said, with God leading her by the hand. However, her life, her dreams, and the joy she shared with so many came to a tragic end just before dawn on December 9, 2012.

    In Jenni Rivera: The Incredible Story of a Warrior Butterfly, Leila Cobo - pianist, TV host, and executive director for Latino content and programming at Billboard - brings us Jenni Rivera’s intimate and moving biography, reflecting on the party girl, the elegant woman, the great diva, the friend, the mother, and the grandmother. Discover the humble beginnings of Jenni’s life and career, as well as the emotional and sometimes turbulent moments that defined her persona and spirit. Like a candle blown out before her time, we not only lost the “Unforgettable One”, the “Queen of Queens”, the “Warrior Butterfly”, we also lost a brave woman who fearlessly faced life’s ups and downs to attain the happiness she so fervently wanted for herself and her family. With Jenni’s departure, we celebrate a shining legacy that will forever reverberate within every note of her voice.

    ©2013 Leila Cobo (P)2013 Penguin Audio

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