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    In 1991 my wife gave birth to our second daughter. She would eventually give birth to a total of six girls and one boy - proof that God does have a sense of humor!

    We named our new baby girl, Julia Joyce Ferrier. We used the name 'Joyce' in honor of my wife's mother whose first name is Joyce.

    Just before we were to take our new bundle of life home from the hospital, a nurse informed us that a possible heart defect had been detected in our new baby and the doctors wanted to run some tests.

    We soon learned baby Julia had hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a rare heart disease. To learn more about the condition of her heart, the doctors recommended we have a heart catheterization done. This is a procedure where a tube, commonly known as a catheter, is inserted into a blood vessel in the leg and run up to the heart to better determine the status of the heart.

    We assumed this was a routine procedure and so we agreed to have it done. But much to our shock ...

    Can we know for sure that there is life after death? When babies die do they go to heaven? What about near death experiences? Can a person know for sure the way to heaven? In this audiobook, these questions and more are answered.

    ©2013 Andrew Ferrier (P)2013 Andrew Ferrier

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