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Iraq Ambush

Spoken from the Front (Unabridged)
Autor: Andy McNab
Sprecher: Stephen Moyer
Spieldauer: 15 Min.

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Jacko Brooks joined the Infantry as a boy soldier and now, at the age of 24 years, he has just been badged as a member of 22 SAS Regiment, so despite his enormous mortgage, clapped-out car, and complete lack of funds, he is doing pretty well.

Only trouble is, he only finished selection two weeks ago, and now 7 Troop's "New Boy" is in the middle of the Iraqi desert.

Tui is Jacko's Troop Sergent. He is Fijian, six foot five in flip-flops, and shits muscle. Jacko decides to like him instantly.

When 7 Troop go on patrol in Baghdad, they are ambushed by insurgents armed with RPGS and AK's. The patrol stand their ground and fight but are soon out of ammo and the enemy is closing in fast. There's only one option: to fight with the only weapon they have left: bayonets.

The debut short story and stunning action thriller from real-life hero, Andy McNab.

©2007 Spoken Entertainment Ltd. All rights reserved. (P)2007 Spoken Entertainment Ltd. All rights reserved.

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