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Interstellar Dad

Autor: Jeff Beesler
Sprecher: Robert Neil DeVoe
Spieldauer: 6 Std. und 21 Min.

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Andrew Skyes would do just about anything to be a dad. Unfortunately, a twist of fate leaves him unable to conceive a child, making his life a nightmare. His wife Denise leaves him because of this. He can't even perform well at work after the divorce. If he could just focus on making enough sales to keep his boss happy, he might turn things around for himself.

While trying to score a sale outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Andrew's jeep blows a flat. Just as a tow truck operator named Tucker comes to his rescue, a weird ship crashes in the desert. Curiosity getting the best of both men, they investigate the vessel, only to find themselves at the mercy of aliens known as the Ph'mleez. Confusion and fear lead to both men being zapped by one of the Ph'mleez's strange devices. Upon awakening, Andrew finds himself back in his apartment with no sign of Tucker or the aliens.

But just as Andrew decides to go on with his life, he starts experiencing symptoms similar to morning sickness. Could Andrew be pregnant? Whatever happened to Tucker and the aliens? And through all of this, is Denise having second thoughts about their split? One thing's for sure. Andrew probably won't make employee of the month now.

©2014 Jeff Beesler (P)2014 Jeff Beesler

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