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    Everyone’s perception of an MC princess is that she’s cherished and protected, but this MC "princess" was left to the wolves. My father, the loved Southern Chaotic president, dropped me like a bad habit when I was 13. My mother went off her rocker when I was 14. I had my first of many abortions when I was 15. Life for me was a whirlwind of angst and torment, but through all of that, the pain took the fear away and replaced it with yearning. I thirst for gratification that I’m not a replication of my legacy. I hunger for the day when my anxiety is replaced with reassurance.


    I live my life for the Southern Chaotics. I have loved and lost to this club, but the brotherhood and acceptance have outlived the regret. I had a good woman, or so I thought. She left me for a rival club. I long for what some of my brothers have. I yearn for a woman to desire all that is me, and I crave to have a woman that I can depend on through thick, thin, and the s--t in between. I just need to find her so I can quench my thirst.

    This is a standalone, but to better understand some of the situations, you should enjoy Minor Glitches and Major Conflict first. This audiobook is meant for an audience 18 and older. There are some scenes that may not be suitable for some listeners.

    ©2017 Dana Arden (P)2018 Dana Arden

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