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    This collection of my poetry is inspired by the life of Jesus. My first collection was concerned mainly with Jesus’ incarnation and its implications. This collection draws not only from the incarnation, but also from Jesus’ life and ministry as well as his death and resurrection. It also ventures, occasionally, into the Old Testament and draws from such stories as those of Noah, Jacob, and Moses. It closes with a figure who got to know Jesus in somewhat the same way we do, after Jesus’ ascension. I mean, of course, Paul the Apostle.   

    In these poems, I am pondering the mystery of our Lord Jesus as Immanuel, God with us. That is why, those who encouraged me to publish this collection chose this title, Immanuel. These attempts to come to grips with the life of Jesus represent over four decades of wrestling with this mystery.  

    As I did last time, I encourage you to take your time through these poems. But I won’t be as strict with my recommendations as I was then. Feel free to tackle as many as you want at a sitting. You may dip into it here and there, listening to it that way if you like. Or you may listen to them in order, since it does follow a progression, beginning in the Old Testament, and then spending the bulk of the content with the story of Jesus, and ending with Paul setting an example for us to look to Jesus. 

    As you listen to this book, may God bless you and help you to consider afresh Christ Jesus, who came and dwelt among us.  

    Foreword by Gary Wilkerson. Introductory content by Jim Palumbo.

    ©2019 EvangAlliance Publications (P)2019 EvangAlliance, Inc.

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