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    Can the 500-year-old mystical experiences of Ignatius Loyola edify your spiritual life today?

    Through this spiritually edifying 12-lecture audio course with renowned Ignatian spirituality expert Professor Paul Coutinho, you will savor the universal mysticism of Saint Ignatius. A simple regimen designed to fit into your daily routine, this approach to mysticism shows you how to live moment to moment. As you embrace the fullness of your life, you will grow in your relationships and discover new depths of meaning and spiritual significance to practicing mysticism.

    As you will learn, Ignatian mysticism is built on an ever-expanding relationship with God. For St. Ignatius, God is not in the heavens but infused throughout all of creation. As a result, St. Ignatius championed the idea that mystical graces are available to anyone who knows how to receive them.

    In this eye-opening lectures, you will learn not just to love God, but also to receive God’s love. For many, the key to Ignatian mysticism is to find God in all things, but Prof. Coutinho emphasizes the importance of allowing God to find you, as well. Discover for yourself how mystical union with God will transform your faith.

    This course is part of the Learn25 Collection.

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