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    No one knew that Betty wore corrective lenses until she showed up for Sunday coffee wearing a very thick pair of warped-lensed dark brown plastic-framed glasses. She’d contracted an eye infection resulting in one of her eyes becoming a beady little eye. Roger, her cousin, made sure to point that out. 

    At coffee, Roger accidentally spilled the beans regarding him dating someone named Pat. Unable to squash their curiosity, wanting to learn more about this mysterious Pat person, Aggie and Betty followed Roger to a day spa in Palm Springs. That was when Aggie received a dreaded phone call from her archnemesis, better known as the other grandmother. Anita had flown into town and was standing on her front porch expecting a girl’s weekend. 

    Join Aggie and friends in this silly yet quirky short story comedy, as they hope to learn more about this mysterious Pat person, and stumble into some serious trouble in the process.

    ©2020 Michelle Ann Hollstein (P)2020 Michelle Ann Hollstein

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