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    Has your memory ever failed you?

    Have you ever been stuck in an awkward situation where you go to greet someone, and you can’t remember their name? 

    Or, you walk to the other side of your house to fetch something, and by the time you get there, you have no idea what you were going to get...and you just stand there awkwardly, trying to recall it?

    It is natural and human to have memory failures now and then, and they tend to happen at increasing rates as we age. While the small things we forget every day are no doubt inconvenient, it is just the beginning. 

    Small forgetful moments lead to bigger ones, and eventually, you find yourself with gaps in your memories of your childhood or unable to recall the faces of people you have lost who you once loved dearly. However, this is preventable.

    Inside this book, you will find multiple techniques for memory improvement laid out with a simple and easy-to-follow exercises that will help you implement them. You will find advice on lifestyle changes, techniques that take a few hours to master, and techniques that will take days. But through using them, you will find you have a sharper mind and a more proficient memory. 

    Our brain is a muscle that should be trained and our biggest mistake is not using it. While we often think that our memory and our mind is set and beyond our control, you have the power to improve it. Your memory is within your control, and you can do anything that you put your mind to!

    ©2020 Joseph Kane (P)2020 Joseph Kane

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