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How to Get Better Grades

Working Towards the Best College & Professional Life
Autor: Deaver Brown
Sprecher: Deaver Brown
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 7 Min.

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Getting good grades is about working hard, but it is also an art, a way of life, a mindset, that carries weight throughout your life: when applying to colleges, graduate schools, jobs, and in the success of your career. Learn the art of getting good grades in only 60 minutes of conversation and instruction by Deaver Brown, a Harvard AB and MBA, who has lectured at the University of Chicago, Columbia University, and Harvard. These are the subjects covered:

  • Junior Year
  • Early Years: Extra Time, Extra Work, Extra Activities, Extra Talk in Class, Be Helpful
  • Design Semester/Unit Homework Commitments in Overall Time: Through Grade 6
  • Focus: Reading/Math/Writing
  • Public School vs. Private School
  • Seventh & Eighth Grade through High School: Junior Year and Money
  • Teacher Recommendations
  • Extra Curricular Activities and Jobs/Internships to Improve Your Chances for College
  • Design Semester/Unit Homework Commitments in Overall Time: Through High School
  • Homework Assignments: Writing, Reading, Math, AP Courses
  • Focus: Reading/Math/Writing and Your Subject; Extras; the Spin into College
  • Pick College, College Focus, College Subjects Early
  • College: Choosing Courses for Duration; Design Homework; Listen to Audiobooks; Tutors; Professors; Graduate Assistants; Extra Curricular Activities
  • Focus: Your Major, Your Profession, Your Future
  • Graduate School: Have the End in Mind
  • Post Graduate/Career: Keep Learning, Reading, Listening, Updating. Most don't
  • Tips: Bring Books to Your Office; Audiobooks for Car or iPod.

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