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    Communication is a fact of life. You are forced to communicate with other people every day whether you want to or not. You communicate with your words. You communicate with your voice. You communicate with your posture. You communicate with your attitude. Being able to effectively express your thoughts and feelings is essential to successful business and personal relationships. Not being able to communicate effectively in any situation can cause miscommunications between you and another person which can give way to arguments. Like communication, arguments are a fact of life. Learning how to handle yourself in an argument is the key to learning how to successfully win an argument without offending anyone or hurting anyone's feelings.

    When one thinks of arguments, one mostly thinks of emotional confrontations where both arguers only see their side with no regard to the other's side. The arguers are inflexible and fail to give support for their point of view, arguing entirely on emotions. Eventually, the arguers reach a point where there is no way they can reach a peaceful resolution and walk away; instead they are full of anger and resentment. Arguing this way only ensures that the same argument will repeat itself again somewhere down the road because there has been no resolution that has benefited either party.

    With the right preparation and skills, arguments can be peaceful disagreements between two people's polar opposite points of view with a mutually beneficial resolution. For such an argument to happen, you must rise above and take control of the situation, steering the argument toward a positive ending that is agreeable to both parties. Anyone can do this. All you need is the right skills.

    From preparing your own argument to staying calm to listening to the other's statements, you can learn how to argue effectively and win the argument every time.

    ©2012, 2013 Cary Bergeron (P)2013 Snap In Media

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